Frequently Asked Questions


What does building a brand do for me?

Branding helps you create your unique identity in the market. Branding a product is a time-consuming process. However, it is always worthwhile to establish your authority in your specific industry. From a logo design to a company’s vision, mission, and long-term strategies, create an absolute and powerful image of your company or business. Branding helps you:
• Generate more leads and increase your revenue
• Create awareness about your company, product, or services
• Nonverbal advertisement 24/7 year-round
• Establish your authority in the market/ industry
• Helps you focus on your strategies and long term goals

How much would my branding cost?

Every business is different, so is their brand budget. Your branding budget would depend on the complexity and nature of your business. Some brands spend millions of dollars annually, while others spend quite less on it. But in one way or the other, they try to indulge in activities that help them attain their unique position in the market. It is what helps them stand out from the others. Whether or not they are the best among their competitors, branding can still do wonders for them. In plain words, your branding cost depends on your competitive landscape and your branding needs.

What are we offering in our branding services?

Our branding services are focused on creating your unique identity in the market. We work to provide you visibility so that you can generate more leads and increase your profits. We also work to create your consistent image in the market so that your brand is perceived in persistence to your mission and vision. Here is the range of services we offer at Bookwriting Founder.
• Packaging Designer Services
• Branding Design
• Search Engine Optimization
• Business Brochure Design
• Magazine Cover Design
• Gift Items Printings
• Design Stationery
• Graphic Design Flyer
• Website Development
• Custom Flyer Design
• Ghost Writing Services
• Icon Design
• Flyer Background Design These are only a few of the many services that we have on offer.

What does publicity do?

After getting your book published, it is advised to do publicity for your book for marketing purposes. Publicity helps a great deal in the launching of your book. Hiring our publicity services would enable you to reach your target audience. It is how your book will get the exposure it deserves. Here are a few effective approaches you should acquire:

• Highlight your author profile on various platforms
• Plan the PR elements of your website
• Book endorsement from industry experts
• Final-pitch your stories in top magazines
• Exposure to various social media outlets, such as blogs, podcasts, and research papers


How long will my video be?

There is no specified time limit from our end. However, we strongly recommend keeping your videos between 90-120 seconds. Latest studies have shown that users usually stop paying attention after the 90-second mark. As we said before, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We will not rest easy until you are content with our work.


How long will it take to make your video?

The video design process’s length is based on the project’s complexity and the time taken to complete the project. A turnaround time for a general project of ours is about 10-12 business days. We are versatile in the way we do things here at Bookwriting Founder.


Why should you care to get our cheap audiobook services?

One of the main client concerns is affordability. With us, you can get high-quality audiobooks at a reasonable and affordable price. Even though at a low cost, our audiobook services will not dissatisfy you. Our Audiobooks creates an immersive experience for your customers. In case of any problems or concerns, please reach to our available customer support 24/7


Can I record my voice for my audiobook?

Sure, you can. Please mention that when applying for the audiobook. If you need any help, we have a pool of experienced voice-over artists who will work on your dedicated book. After knowing your requirement and project genre, we find the best person to work on your audiobook.



Why should I not design my book cover and have it designed by your guys instead?

That is a perfectly valid question, and we have a perfectly valid answer for you. We have been working in the book cover design online industry for the past decade. This has made us familiar with thousands of different designs. We have extensive knowledge of the different types of designs. Our designers create a book cover from scratch. This makes us the perfect choice to have your custom printed book covers designed by us.


What are the different types of book cover design art?

We create book covers for thousands of clients and have hundreds of different design categories. However, we specialize in Business Book Cover Design, Simple Book Cover Designs and are expert Comic Book Cover Makers.

What is Typesetting?

Typesetting is the layout of your text in the book. Every book has its typesetting that reflects its distinctiveness. You may find books that have stuffed and jumbled content. However, some books present a modern style in perfect harmony that makes you want to keep reading it. In other words, typesetting helps to give your book a feel that one would love to experience.


How do we do typesetting?

Typesetting isn’t as simple as it seems. It, in fact, requires professional attention. In the designing stage of your book, we do typesetting that best represents your story. We will set the style of typesetting according to the writing genre aligned with your opinions. We ensure that the text is readable and appealing.


You can avail of our copyright certifications at any time. For your satisfaction, we also open to welcome third-party involvement in the transfer of your work. It’s your right to have copyright certifications, and you must have them. We are always a message away. Please contact us and let us know which book you want to copyright. We will help you gain legal ownership of your work.

How to copyright a story?

As a company policy, once we deliver the work to you, it is transferred to your name. We do not claim any ownership after the work is completed and delivered. However, if you want to protect your work from plagiarism and infringement, it is advised that you apply for copyright for a story(certification). It is how you will gain its copyrights. This way, your work will always be protected from replication and infringement.