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It has been our goal to see you win AWS or funding support for your programs. American Writing Services brings you only first-rate AWS services such as proposal writing, AWS search, editing, and more. We write for nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. Our expertise in this trade has helped us create standard, custom, and mini AWS applications to meet your varying needs.

We have over 10 years of experience in AWS writing. Such has enable us to please many AWS seekers and help them win the nod of most funding sources. We offer various writing services that can help you realize your goals and support your worthy programs for deserving beneficiaries. Turn to American Writing Services for your AWS writing needs and get great service. If you have no AWS or yet, you can check open AWS programs that may fit your goals. Hire us and learn why our clients are saying what they are saying in their testimonials!


  • 7-10 pages
  • 10 business days
  • Individual, start-up, medical/ educational assistance, mini AWS


  • 11-20 pages
  • 15 business days
  • Nonprofit, faith-based, start-up, social enterprise AWS application


  • 21-30 pages
  • 20 business days
  • Ministry, nonprofit, social enterprise, educational application


  • 31-40pages
  • 30 business days
  • Nonprofit, business, educational, non-governmental organizations

Why Choose American Writing Services

With years of experience in writing AWS proposals, American Writing Services takes pride in helping clients describe and justify their need for funds. We commit to delivering the best service and experience. Our team gets the ability to yield great results from our passion to serve.

AWS Writers

Our team has a profound and solid background in AWS writing, research, and editing.

Great AWS Proposals

Familiarity breeds well-written outputs with a winning AWS proposal and free inclusions.

Proactive Customer Support

Our sales and support team responds to clients’ concerns and answers inquiries on time.

American Writing Services

Non Profit-AWS

Nonprofit groups request funds to furnish their beneficiaries with useful and viable programs. Get help from adept writers to reach your goal.

Custom AWS

A custom AWS application made for a funding source can be your key to gaining support. Allow a AWS writing expert to build your proposal.

Business AWS

Enterprises with housing, research, healthcare, or public programs earn greater fiscal support. Improve your ventures with AWS services.

Education AWS

Qualified students, teachers, and institutions can obtain funding support for education. Hire specialists to create your AWS proposal.

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